The institute has formed an alumni association headed by the Director. Every year alumni meet is organized under the association in which all the alumni of SKPIMCS are invited to share their industry experience with the present students. This helps the present students to acquire the experience and become industry ready.

In this meet, institute also asks the alumni for suggestions so that necessary proactive actions can be taken to make the career of the present students as well as for those who will enroll in SKPIMCS year by year.

Alumni Registration

Alumni Testimonials

SKPIMCS institute has been a great fit for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I made the decision to come. There were lots of institutes closer to home, but studying in SKPIMCS has been well worth the trip. I have been exposed to a new world of opportunities. The people at SKPIMCS are so friendly and welcoming. The community is also very supportive of the students! If I had the chance to do it over, I would definitely be right back at SKPIMCS!

Keep Doing Good Work 

Manoj Kurmi

Sr. Software Engineer(Batch 1998-2001)

Bloomberg, New York

SKPIMCS is welcoming and it is easy for people to be accepted. Gandhinagar city is cheap compared to others, and there is a better quality standard of living, everything is close to the institute. My SKPIMCS experience was amazing, you could always count on personal help. The extra contact and longer tutorial sessions provided as part of the course were extremely useful, helped establish patterns of study, guide academic progress and to prepare for successful life.


Zuber Saiyed

Asst. Vice President (Batch 1999-2002)

Wellington Management, Greater Boston, US

Fabulous and rewarding is how I would describe my years at SKPIMCS! Their strong academic programs, readily accessible faculty, and a variety of student resources create an excellent learning environment for me to gain practical skills and most importantly, confidence in the workplace! Thank you, SKPIMCS Faculty, Staff and Practical Instructors for providing this opportunity and preparing me for success!


Arush Sinha

Technical Cluster Lead (Batch 1999-2002)

Swisscom, Switzerland

It was more than just a great study experience that SKPIMCS left me. The staff there helped me to settle in and develop a better understanding of life, adapt to the study methods used in higher education, and build up a social and support network, which has been very helpful further on. The support I have received has taught me about integrity, to go above and beyond a job description to help others – this has inspired me in my corporate works. 


Jwalant Mankodi

Project Manager (Batch 2002-2005)

Infosys Limited, Bangalore

I was lucky that I got admission in SKPIMCS. There is a saying - "Nobody is perfect" which applies to IITs also. SKPIMCS also is not perfect but I must say it is near to perfection. A student learns a lot here. Management & Faculty not only believe in the vision and mission but also thrive to achieve it. All in all I strongly recommend this institute to every student having interest in doing MCA


Sudhir Kurmi

Associate Sr. Analyst (Batch 2004-2007)

MasterCard, Mumbai

Since the first moment I came to SKPIMCS I was met with nothing but energy and enthusiasm. The faculty and staff are top rate. They all want their students to do well. This institute has so many opportunities for the students to get the help they need. Professors helped me beyond words I can say. This institute keeps the student first. I really believe it is a privilege to come to SKPIMCS and I am so glad I made that decision.


Chinmay Joshi

Team Lead (Batch 2005-2008)

Accenture, Mumbai

The teaching and studying approach encourages students to be active and get involved rather than spending hours alone in the library. The teachers at SKPIMCS are real people with real personality, who care about their students more than just their grades. From my experience, SKPIMCS teachers always seek the uniqueness in students and helped them to make it shine. While studying I stayed in the hostel and I met my best friend there – I heard it was not just me, but many students have made friends forever with their roommates. I would definitely recommend SKPIMCS as I would have got lost without the fundamental training I received. My experience at SKPIMCS was wonderful, something I can remember my whole life.


Harshal Kothari

iOS Application Developer (Batch 2006-2009)

Regius IT Solutions, Ahmedabad

I never knew how wonderful study could be until I entered SKPIMCS institute. My teachers were very helpful, friendly and inspiring. They are more than willing to help students out, no matter what standard you are at. They like students to ask questions, and they never set a limit on our learning or what we can achieve. The staff is also very caring and thoughtful in helping students to fit into a new environment. At SKP, student's suggestions and comments are always taken seriously. My experience at SKPIMCS was wonderful, something I can remember my whole life.


M. S. Ansari

Sr. QA Engineer(Batch 2009-2012)

Cygnet Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad

It was a wonderful journey @ SKP. I was having different personality when I joined but when completed MCA I found myself with different personality, great amount of enthusiasm, lot of positiveness, and professionalism. I achieved many awards through the guidance of faculties. I lived in hostel which also was very clean, well organized and with all facilities. I am really thankful to SKPIMCS for where I am today. Keep Doing Good Work


Gaurav Ashara

Project Manager & Co-Founder (Batch 2010-2013)

Digital Brain, Ahmedabad

Learned a lot here, not only educational knowledge but also experienced real situations to use this knowledge. The teaching staff is so much consistent in improving progress of students based on the interests in subjects. The syllabus for each subject is designed to suit everyone and it also acts as a pathway into a successful career.


Tanmay Kanudawala

Sr. Software Engineer (Batch 2011-2014)

Raj Barcode Systems Pvt. Ltd. - Ahmedabad

I am grateful to S K Patel Institute for every aspect. The best Institute where students have many opportunities in terms of education, professionalism, practical knowledge and co-curricular activities. I will surely refer Institute to everyone.


Jenil Kanani

Software Engineer (Batch 2011-2014)

Cybage Software,Gandhinagar

SKPIMCS not only helps develop academic skills for their students, but they helped us gain life-long practical knowledge that we could all benefit from in the future. People always wonder about the choices they make and where the turning point in their life is. For me, I am sure that coming to Gandhinagar and enrolling into SKPIMCS MCA course was a critical point in my life where I grew a lot as a person. So once again I would like to express my gratitude to all lecturers and staff at SKPIMCS.


Sagar Rupani

Software Engineer (Batch 2011-2014)

Aakash Informatics, Ahmedabad